5 Festive Ideas for decorating your small space this Holiday Season

As the holiday season is now upon us, coming up with ideas on how to make your cozy home full of Christmas glee can make you feel a bit…well “un-gleeful” (made up word). Well it’s time to cheer up as we’ve come up with 5 ideas on how to make your small space feel festive this holiday season!

Idea #1 Elevation

Small table Christmas tree

Clearing out a space for a christmas tree isn’t always possible. By placing a smaller tree on top of a table or desk, you don’t have to sacrifice the holiday tradition of decorating a tree just because your place is tiny. You can use a real or fake tree for this. One quick tip when decorating a smaller tree is to make sure you get the appropriate sized ornaments. You don’t want to weigh your tree down with oversized ornaments that you may have used on a full size tree. The good thing is that it takes half the time to decorate!

Idea #2 Speaking of ornaments…

Ornament pink

Christmas ornaments red

Ornament wreath

ornaments and candle

What’s Christmas without them?

Ornaments instantly create an atmosphere of winter and Christmas cheer. Ornaments are also very versatile allowing you to decorate in any way you wish. Some of my favourite are the ornament wreaths, using them as centrepieces for the dining table or just in a decorative bowl. If you’re renting or in a dorm room you may be limited to what you can hang about so placing ornament bowls throughout your space may do the trick.

Another reason why I love this idea is because you can use a variety of colours keeping with the scheme of your space. Pairing up ornaments with candles also adds a nice touch.

#3 Edible design

Gingerbread house white

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to make a gingerbread house and…well…. I have yet to do so. I must admit, I’m slightly intimidated! I’m not a perfectionist but if my gingerbread house doesn’t come out looking like it deserves to be put on display I will feel like a failure. I absolutely adore this gingerbread house as it looks completely different than the traditional house we’re use to seeing. If you can muster up the confidence to make your own house it it can definitely work as a wonderful Christmas decoration. That’s if you don’t eat it right after it’s done! Ha!

Idea #4 Window Dressing!

Just about every space has a window which means adding lights, ornaments, candles or any other Christmas decoration is a great option for your small space. By mixing all of the above, your home can look great during the day and at night. A little decoration goes a long way.

Idea #5

Wall Christmas tree bulbs

Wall Christmas tree circle

Wall christmas tree white lights

This is quite an innovative idea and is great if you’re REALLY tight on space or if you just feel like trying something completely different. Wall decor encourages your imagination to run wild! The sky really is the limit when decorating a wall Christmas tree (not sure if that’s the proper name). Adding wrapped presents beneath the design makes it feel even more like a real tree. I am definitely going to try this one when I have a wall free!

If you have more ideas for decorating your small space I’d love to hear them and share them on social media! Add a comment or share your idea on Instagram tagging @flat54london using #Christmas54. Can’t wait to see what great ideas everyone has!! Happy Holidays!!