6 Ideas for creating the perfect vanity for your small space…

Carving out the perfect space in your home for a vanity or make up area can be challenging at times. Organisation is key and often times style is compromised. It can be tricky; finding the right balance between making sure all of your essential items have a place to be stored while having that designated area reflect your personal style and the decor of your home. Well we’ve come up with some great ideas to consider when creating your own beauty bar. Check them out below:

Idea #1 The Compact Mirror Desk

Living in a cozy home means storage is premium so having a vanity with a pop up mirror is amazing!!! For those who love clean, clutter-free surfaces this is ideal as this table gives you access to your makeup when you’re getting ready and it’s tucked away underneath the mirror when you’re not. Simple!

Idea #2 – Show and tell but keep it classy

On the other hand, if your dressing table or vanity doesn’t have storage don’t be afraid to display your makeup and other beauty products. The key to pulling this off is making sure everything that’s on display (perfume, makeup, makeup brushes, jewellery, decorations, etc.) coordinate and fit in with the theme of the room.

Idea #3 Make it Multifunctional


If you don’t have the extra space for a separate vanity try creating a bedside table/vanity combo. Multifunctional furniture is a great way to make the most of tight spaces in your home. This ghost chair also creates the illusion that the area is a bit more open than it really is. Great addition to this style!

Idea #4 Tuck it away


Selecting the type of chair for your vanity can not only change the style but the design is just as important if you don’t want to have a cramped area in your room. Nothing’s worse than having to squeeze around the furniture in your home! One way around this is to use a stool instead of a chair with a back, especially a bulky one.  By tucking them under the vanity table you can save space. Stools come in numerous designs and styles so finding one that fits your decor should be easy. The hard part is actually deciding on the perfect one!

Idea #5


Adding a bit of drama to your vanity can be achieved by placing an oversized mirror with a bit of detail. Having a large mirror not only draws attention to the space, it also serves a purpose. This mirror doesn’t necessarily replace the smaller mirrors for close ups but allows you to see more of your face and the rest of your body. Mirrored furniture is also a great idea and really adds a bit of glamour and elegance.