Amsterdam Flat – Cascading Colours

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful city of Amsterdam. I fell head over heels in love!! The weather was great, the people were super friendly and view of canal houses and houseboats along the waterway was picturesque. It’s definitely now one of my top places.

Amsterdam Canal 2

During my visit I stayed at a lovely airbnb near Vondelpark. The flat was very bright, airy and my room was quite small however there were 2 things I noticed that made a big difference to the look and feel of the room.

One of the first things I noticed were the windows. There were HUGE and took up an entire wall, almost floor to ceiling. If you’re already in a space you won’t be able to change the window size (or maybe you can) but you can change the type of window dressing like curtains and blinds. They used very light, sheer curtains which didn’t do much for privacy in the evenings (I felt a bit exposed) however during the day the amount light was maximised.


The second thing I noticed was the room didn’t have a single wardrobe. Travelling around the UK and Europe isn’t the norm not to see closets like in the US but I didn’t expect not to see a wardrobe. Instead they used a clothing rank which they cleverly cascaded the clothing from darks to whites. Brilliant!



I love that idea!! It makes your clothes part of the decor! Notice the wooden hangers change as well with white hangers being used for the white clothing! Love, love, love!