London Design Festival 2015 Part 1

Over the weekend I attended the London Design Festival which celebrates the exceptional creativity of designers and architects around the city. The event’s hub is located at the V&A Museum along with installations at the Somerset House and all throughout London. Saturday was the first day of the event which will continue through to September 27th. I thought I’d share highlights of creative design from my visit. I’ve tied concepts used from the designers at the V&A with unique pieces at participating shops in the Design Festival throughout London. I hope you enjoy!

This first piece is one of the most widely publicised installations at the V&A called the Curiosity Cloud by Austrian duo mischer’traxler. Inside each of the numerous bulbs are little butterflies that have tiny pins that makes a “ting” sound as they fly around the bulb. It represents mankind’s relationship nature. I think this would make a great lighting fixture!  

Curiousity Cloud



image5 (1)

Speaking of lighting, one of those participating shops in the London Design Festival was Cassina. They have a lamp on display that would really be useful in a small space. It doubles as a place to store your books! Not sure of the price but something tells me it costs a pretty penny. 

2015-09-19 14.51.21-1
2015-09-19 14.51.29Stay tuned there’s more to come!