Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, top tips for storing shoes in small spaces!

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Everyone has them but storing them can be quite a challenge if you have a small space. We’re bringing you some of our go-to tips for storing your trainers, sandals, boots and special occasion heels!

Shelve them

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If you live in a small space chances are you have more than one place you keep your shoes. We love the idea of storing your shoes on a shelf. Beware this tip is only for those that don’t mind showing off your shoes to visitors A great way to display them by either colour or shoe type. If you’re quite the shoe collector this can be especially visually appealing as the various colours can add a bit of flair to your decor. We love this shoe display in Emily Current and Meritt Elliott’s LA studio found on

What about those boots?


Boots can be difficult to store because you have to be careful not to bend or scuff them to maintain their condition. The key is to keep tall boots as upright as much as possible which is no easy feat in a small space. Our top tip is to use boot hangers or if you can’t find boot hangers you can use normal clothes hangers and attach clothespins to secure the boot at the top. If you have a low hanging rail in your closet or wardrobes it’s a great way to utilise that space. Image source Boottique

Hide them under the bed!

Sometimes it’s just better to keep shoes hidden. One of the best ways to do this is by placing them under your bed. We recommend placing shoes in a storage bin or shoe boxes that can slide beneath your bed. To protect your shoes from dust and keep them looking nice it’s better to keep them covered so make sure the bin and boxes have lids. Also make sure you clean out the bin regularly to keep dirt from the soles of your shoes from building up. If your bed is too low to store a bin below, you can always buy risers or slide your shoes to the edge where you can see which pair is which.

Back of the door, score!


This is pretty self explanatory but it’s one tip that shouldn’t be overlooked. We suggest hanging a shoe rack on the back of a bedroom door that’s out of view of guests. This is a great way to store quite a few pairs of shoes! The best way to make sure most shoe racks are secure and sturdy is to screw it to the back of the door. If you’re renting be sure to get the all clear before affixing shoe rack to the door. Image source Arianna Belle.