3 Essential Pieces For Your New Small Space

Whether you’re moving into your first student dorm or have simply moved into a smaller space, figuring out how to furnish it can be daunting. You need enough storage and furniture to be able to live your life without making yourself feel claustrophobic with all that stuff.

Here at Flat54, we believe that small spaces can be everything you need them to be, and more! These three (with a bonus design idea!) essential pieces will help you to get more bang for your square-foot buck.



This piece from IKEA is marketed as a bedside table, but don’t let that put you off its coffee table potential. It’s just the right height to sit level with a sofa arm, and the flat surface is big enough for you and your guests’ drinks. The drawer is handy for keeping your surfaces clutter-free, and the bonus shelf underneath is the perfect size for your internet router, iPod speakers or games console. The perfect example of maximum use for minimal space.

© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 1999 – 2012 



We think this recipe board idea from Young House Love is great. While not strictly a piece of furniture, merging your kitchen cabinet into a place where you can store both ingredients and recipes gets rid of the need for a dedicated cookbook shelf. Plus, you can rotate the recipes on display, meaning you might finally actually try something new!

© Young House Love 2015



People often think purely in terms of floorspace when looking at furniture, leaving wall space unused. Of course, you need to be wary of falling into the trap of covering every square inch of your walls, but bookcases are a great way of maximising your vertical storage space.

We love the way the inside of this bookcase has been painted to tie in with the colour of the sofa, without having to commit to a whole wall of colour.

© Young House Love 2015 

Painting the insides can also be a good way to inject colour into your space while keeping the walls light and airy. Adding interesting photographs and mementos brings your personality into the room and breaks up the blocks of colour.

Bonus tip: make use of the space above the bookcase with storage boxes for those rarely-used-but-very-important items.

And maximise some more!


While hiding clutter under your bed isn’t a new discovery, we’re always impressed when we can find such an elegant way of doing it. We think this bed styled by Door Sixteen ticks all the boxes.

From the front, this bed looks like a typical minimalist raised bed.

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But from the side, you can see just how much storage space there is. We love the way the drawer is unobtrusive and is flush with the side of the bed.

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What are are your must-have pieces of furniture in a small space? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us on Facebook for more ideas and inspiration!