Small Kitchen Issues? You’ll Love these 10 Clever and Stylish Storage Tips

Don’t get bogged down by all the pots and pans. Make your small kitchen mighty with these 10 clever storage tips that are practical, yet don’t compromise on style.

  1. Turn your storage into your décor

We absolutely love this idea by Mandi at the blog Tidbits from the Tremaynes. This may not be your style, but if it is, it’s a great idea. This cupboard makes great use of the space in the cupboard, by using the inside of the door. We love the way it’s turned into a feature. It looks like it’s meant to be there, rather than just a way to save space. Always bear in mind that cutlery and cooking implements, even if they are small, take up bulky space. This is a great way to minimise the bulk.


  1. Make the absolute most of storage you already have

Possibly the number one practical tip for small kitchens is to make maximum space of your existing storage. This idea comes from The Family Handyman. By creating different compartments, and adding vertical and horizontal pull-out sections, you’ll get much more space out of your storage, and not face a piled clutter and half an hour trying to find one item. This just adds space and a little fluidity to your small kitchen.


Image: Copyright © 2005 The Family Handyman magazine. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Glass jars

We think glass jars a great way to spill out of your storage cupboard when there just isn’t enough space. Choose glass jars at strategic places in your kitchen. Make sure they are neatly and cleanly displayed. Choose food such as dried pasta, porridge oats or rice to keep in these transparent jars. Make sure that they are practical, as well as look good; don’t be tempted to put various different types of weird and wonderful pasta if you’re not likely to actually eat them and replenish later. Otherwise, you’re just adding more to store in your small kitchen.


Image: Inner Urban

  1. Turn your food into the décor!

So here’s another way to use glass jars. We said not to make your food the decoration for the sake of it, if it means buying food that you won’t eat, as it just adds extra items to store. However, if you already eat colourful foods that will look great on display, and that you are storing anyway, then definitely think about making choices based on the look.


Image: Slightly Everything

  1. Authentic storage cabinets

If you’re going for an authentic, old-school look in your kitchen, this large food storage cabinet in Norwegian Grey may be a great addition to your kitchen. This is another way to make your kitchen feel less small.


Image: Ella’s Kitchen Company

Top tip: We believe the way you use your kitchen can make it feel smaller… if all your food and pans are cluttered in a disorganised pile, you’ll only lead yourself to having those “I hate my small kitchen” moments.

  1. Merge different rooms fluidly

Mediaeater says:  “I re-organize my kitchen to better suit my activities”. Why wouldn’t you?! Think outside the box a little and rearrange your things to suit your lifestyle. Why not merge different rooms into one?


Image: Medieater

  1. Shapes and sizes

This is another way to make sure you’re getting maximum space out of your storage. It doesn’t always make sense to organise your food in food “types”. Instead, organise them in shapes and sizes. For items that you use every day, such as cereal, carbohydrates, oils or dressings, make everything fit efficiently by matching the shapes and sizes.


Image: Dani 0010

  1. Table caddy storage

We love this one. If you only use your dining table for eating, why not take your sauces and condiments and keep them permanently on a table caddy. This gives your table a “trendy restaurant” feeling. Ketchup and sauces also tend to be really bulky and take up a lot of space, so this is a real storage-cheat for foodies. Just make sure that none of your sauces or condiments need to be kept refrigerated, and you’re good to go.


Image: Ella’s Kitchen Company

  1. Double-use storage

Anything “double-use” is automatically a favourite here at Flat 54, as anything that doubles up makes small space sense. We especially love this bread bin-come-chopping board. Perfect for if you are partial to a fresh loaf, but also works if you’re more of a sliced bread person. Use the chopping board to butter your bread or make a sandwich.


Image: Ella’s Kitchen Company

  1. Take it out the kitchen

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to take items out the kitchen that don’t necessarily need to be there. That man draw? Could it go somewhere else and still be so handy? What about stationary and other bits and bobs? Think beyond convention and get creative: it really is the best way to get the most out of your small space.


Image: Ella’s Kitchen Company

Which is your favourite? 

Thanks to those providing images and ideas!

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