Top 3 Transformable Furniture Pieces that Make Living in a Small Space Easier

Living in a small space doesn’t have to lead to lifestyle compromises! Transformable furniture is literally transforming the way that we live in small spaces.

Check out these X pieces of transformable furniture that help you live a big life in your small space…

#3 This Bloc’d Sofa or Small Space Entertaining



The Bloc’d Sofa, which you can find here courtesy of Scott Jones Design, provides a large amount of comfy seating space in just one sofa. This is a perfect piece of furniture if you live in a small space but still love entertaining.

You can transform your space from “perfect for just you” to “epic entertainment space” in just a minute. We also love the look and feel of this piece, which can either be stored away or used as your standard sofa for those weekday nights in front of the TV.

This piece proves that you don’t have to constrain yourself to small living just because you have a small space.

#2 This Wood Docking Station Doubles as a Desk Organizer



This wood docking station doubles up as a desk organizer. This accessory piece is not only functional. It plays a very important role in efficient micro-living in your small space.

Clutter can be the enemy of small space living, as it makes your place feel and look much smaller. That’s why this piece makes it to number 2 on our list of transformable furniture. It neatly stores and displays your key belongings which improves the organisation of your home as well as the look and feel of your space.

It looks smart, makes best use of space in your living area and gives you the function of organising your things so that you can quickly find them.

Available at Touch of Modern.

#1 Milano Smart Living’s Wall Bed Collection 2014

This video provided by Milano Smart Living makes me feel as though I have seen a glimpse of the future. Their collection of transformable wall beds fit so neatly into your living room furniture that you don’t even know it’s there. This piece comes in at number # because it solves so many problems all at once.

This piece is especially helpful for those of us moving into that urban single room studio, but who don’t want to compromise on an entertaining area. Now you can throw that party and put your entire bedroom away, out of sight.

Do you have any transformable items of furniture that you just couldn’t live without?

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