6 Genius and Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your #SmallSpace Feel Big

At Flat 54, we truly believe that small spaces can be mighty!

Let’s not dream our lives away and wait until we can afford a bigger place and expensive furniture and design.

Instead, it’s our mission to help you live the life you want to live today, and make your small space mighty!

Make Your Small Space Feel Mighty!

Here are our top 6 genius ways to make your small space feel big! You don’t have to blow the budget on designer pieces either.

When living in a small space, being able to maximise and utilise every inch is crucial. Some of the most overlooked places to optimise is often above and below the areas we use every day.

Some of my best, tried and tested tips are:

Tip 1: Utilise Under-Bed Storage with Clever Organisation

This is quite a common tip and may seem obvious. However, the key is to make sure you organise your belongings in the most efficient way possible. By using under-bed storage containers, your items are easily accessible and can be grouped with similar belongings. Also keep items you may use regularly on the outer parameter while other items that don’t get used as much are closer to the centre of the bed.

Some of the things I keep under my bed include shoes, sheets, towels and blankets.

Top tip: make sure that you keep the things under your bed covered, to protect them from dust. Don’t fall into the trap of deserting them without protecting them, in order to keep your precious items in good condition.

Tip 2: Make Best Use of Vertical Space

When you don’t have much floor space, any space above cupboards, wardrobes or chest of drawers can be used for storage to keep your home spacious and clutter-free.

A great way to do this in a stylish way is a set of cute storage boxes. They look good, can go with your decor and also serve a purpose.

Clever Storage Under-Bed
Clever Storage Under-Bed

Top tip: We’ll be writing more about how to find cute, on-budget pieces for clever storage solutions in future posts. Don’t forget to follow us so you don’t miss it.

Also, I love these tips from the fantastic Apartment Therapy on 8 Ways to Go Vertical. Well worth checking-out.

Storage 2

Tip 3: Bookcases Aren’t Just for Books!

Bookcases are a great addition to a small space. They help you display items as well as store books and other items by making best use of the space available.

It’s a really space-efficient way of displaying and storing.

Tip 4: Pick Clever, Multifunctional Pieces

The more things you can do with one piece, the less cluttered your place will be. The idea is to minimise the number of big pieces you need to make the most of space in your place.

Top tip: As you don’t need many pieces, it’s worth ensuring that your multifunctional pieces are good quality. You don’t need to break the budget in order to find quality, multi-functional pieces.

But quality is essential, as you’ll be using them frequently. You’ll end up saving money in the long-run if you are smart with your choices. More on that later!

Tip 5: Less Is Always More

Make sure that every item in your home has a place and purpose. You’ll get the most out of your space if you strategically place your furniture items. There are so many ways to do this, which we can’t cover in this post. Look out for more tips in this blog series!

Top tip: Clearing countertops and tables give a more airy feel which makes your space feel bigger. 

Tip 6: Use that Sneaky Space Behind the Door

I love this tip, because behind the door can often get forgotten. It is possible to use the space behind the door for storage.

This is a great place for bigger coats, jackets and scarves, which can be out of view while the interior doors are open.

Small Spaces Can Be Mighty with Some Love and Clever Use of Space

So right now you have a small space. However, small spaces really can be used in the same way as bigger places if we use them right. And you don’t have to break the budget to make your small space your dream home today.

We’ll be sharing the best tips, design inspiration and on-budget, on-style furniture items from around the web in this blog series. Don’t forget to subscribe by following us on social media now.

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